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Online Taxi Booking Services

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Taxi and Airport Transfer Services in Mauritius
(24/7) HOTLINE +230 212 5478    FAX + 230 210 0070    Taxi Services and Airport Taxi Services Mauritius Service de Taxi et transferts aeroport Ile Maurice
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Taxi Airport Transfers to and from your Mauritius hotel

Mauritius Taxi Airport Transfer Booking Request

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Note: Bookings to be made 2 working days prior to the date of travel.

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Please note that our taxi services run 24hr, but our administrative department is close on weekends (Saturday and Sunday). Booking queries made during weekends will be replied on the following Monday during office hours.

Refund Policy:
Payment will be fully refunded back if cancellation notice is given to us 48 hours in advance of the confirmed booking time.
No refund will be made however for cases of missed pick up or delays due to change in arrival time outside of our control.

A cancellation fee of 10 % will apply for all cases where a refund is made.
Thank you for your comprehension.
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